Top Places to Visit and Foods to Try in Orange County During Winter

Traveling is both a physical and mental satisfaction that drives travelers away from the daily humdrum of today’s bustling life. It’s a rejuvenating and refreshing experience for people who need a break from their hectic schedules.

Winter is the most excellent time when people plan to book their trips far and wide. Whichever time you consider, without treating your taste buds with the place’s local cuisines traveling remains incomplete. On this note, here’s a guide to the top places to visit during the winter.

Is It Worth Visit The Orange County in California?

If preparing a voyage in California, plan your California trip by understanding a few things. Orange County is the most celebrated place that witnesses a lot of tourists from far and wide. If you plan to visit Orange county, take advice from Stanley Bae of Orange County. This motivated and forward-thinking entrepreneur in Orange County is a lover of food. Stanley recommends every traveler to visit Orange County during the winter times.

The most excellent time to visit the place is between December and February. Experience Mother Nature in the most natural attire during the winter season! Don’t worry; you won’t get snow or ice in this region during winter. The region’s warmth is excellent to impress you. While winter is not a perfect time to chill near the ocean, Orange County gives you an option for outdoor recreation.

Newport Beach and Crystal Cove State Park are hidden gems for all hiking enthusiasts. Here’s enlightening you on these trips.

Stanley bae

#1 Newport Beach

Excitement and fun are easy to find when in California. If you are interested in a weekend away or a day out, include Newport Beach in your itinerary. From romantic dining destinations to family-friendly trips, the region serves it all. Check out the highlights around Newport Beach & immerse in the memorable adventure with your spouse, family, or friends.

Visit Balboa Island, which offers amazing opportunities for snacking. The famous foods you can try out are chocolate-dipped berries, salt water taffy, and beef hot dogs. Choose your favorite toppings and enjoy the taste of these local munchies. The famous treats are twice-dipped in dark chocolate, chocolate, cherry dip, or peanut butter and rolled in toppings such as crushed nuts, sprinkles, or even cookie crumbles.

Want to enjoy Whale Watching? Visit Newport Beach as it’s popular for year-round whale watching. From December to April, witness the gray whale migration. If you wish to visit during the summers, discover killer whales, blue whales, and finback whales from May to November. It’s a great spot for dolphin watching too.

You can also shop at Lido Marina Village – your one-stop destination for boutique shopping at this point. Choose designer swimsuits, upgrade your travel accessories, shop for fine jewelry, and have loads of fun here. Visit the Sherman Gardens for breathtaking sights and scenic walks.

#2 Crystal Cove State Park

Want to experience the fullest beauty of California’s coast and picturesque views? If yes, consider paying a visit to Crystal Cove State Park. Situated in gorgeous Orange County, it has it all. Besides natural seashore, it has beaches, tidepools, wide-open spaces, and towering bluffs for epic camping and hiking. 

These gorgeous beaches stretch over 3.2 miles of coastline. The whole park is enormous and isn’t limited to just coastlines. Located directly on the Pacific Coast Highway between Laguna Beach and Corona del Mar, it is quite easy to access. It’s a perfect destination for day trips and weekend getaways!

You can rent a Crystal Cove cottage. It’s so astoundingly charming and beautiful that even locals plan out a trip out here. Some cottages get used for visitor services, community outreach, and educational programs. They are located on the beach itself. And everything from studios to one or two bedrooms and dormitories are included.

All in all, planning a trip to Orange County during the winter is an amusing affair. You can plan your trip and get a taste of local cultures during the time. Experience local people immersing in their rituals in Newport Beach Christmas Traditions held during the season. Other events you can experience include Fashion Island’s Annual Holiday Tree Lighting Party and Lighting of the Bay at Newport Dunes.

Enjoy occasional snowfall during the time. Pack a pair of boots along. Get a taste of red wine and wood fire with your friends and family. Are you looking for outdoor adventures? Never miss out on trying mountain biking. Visit Mount Canobolas and Lake Canobolas to enjoy these intriguing activities.

What Foods to Try When In Orange County?

Besides traditional pizzas, pasta, and sandwiches, there are killer food items around the world you possibly don’t know about. If you consider yourself a voyager and explorer from the inside out, you must try out these revered foods. Stanley Bae recommends the following food items to one and all when in California. So, if you plan to visit Orange County in California recently, please treat your taste buds to these food items.

  • Ramen Burger
  • Ramen Burrito
  • Fish Tacos
  • Mac & Cheese
  • Sushirrito
  • Burrito

Being in Orange County and not treating your taste buds with these foods would only make your trip unjustifiable. Orange County’s restaurant scenarios are becoming more prominent lately. With the growing demand for dining out, restaurants in Orange County are emerging at lightning speed. If you want to be a part of the new food revolution, please book your tickets to Orange County.

After everything else

The city has an international airport –John Wayne Airport. It’s connected to around 20 cities around North America. If you want to plan a weekend getaway from Los Angeles, you can take a car and travel to the city. Besides Uber and public transport, local taxi services are also available for rent. So, now that you have prepared your mind to plan a trip to Orange County, list out these aforementioned things and taste these dishes when in the city.

Stanley Bae
Stanley Bae of Orange County California writes about local businesses finding new ways to operate efficiently post-COVID.