Let’s Debug The Most Common Myths About Cryptocurrency Debunked With Stanley Bae

Some people think that cryptocurrencies are used only by the wrong people. This myth is witnessed especially from material and stories revolving around illegality. Choosing on either side is often a Herculean task to undertake. According to Stanley Bae, this is not true. While cryptocurrencies may be associated with illicit activities, most individuals utilize these assets for lawful objectives. They incurred, funded, entered, or bought. 

Stanley Bae

Cryptocurrencies Are A Fad

Some consider it as just another hype, which will die its natural death soon. They still trust current banking systems and think digital currencies will quickly disappear. It erases the fact that cryptocurrencies are gradually becoming the more popular means of payment. Its digital currency, bitcoin, has been circulating for over ten years. 

Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies have also been operating for years, indicating their efficiency and effectiveness. The importance of using blockchain technology has attracted more organizations to apply it. 

Notably, authorities of the states and financial institutions are studying digital currencies. Cryptocurrencies are one force to reckon with in the financial world. They are not just a fad; many good reasons exist to consider them.

Cryptocurrencies Lack Security

The fourth misconception is the poorly justified belief that cryptocurrencies are not safe. Everyone cares about their applications, services, accounts, and funds being stolen or hacked. Note that exchanges can be hacked. But this does not imply that cryptocurrencies per se are so insecure. 

Blockchain is also very reliable when it comes to the security of the contents that are stored in it. It will employ cryptography to ensure that the transaction is secure. Many platforms also take precautions and other protective measures.

According to Stanley Bae, users should follow the best practices when designing any artifact. Apply proper password letters and improve using two-step authorization. Secure your private keys, as they are the master of everything operated on the blockchain. By taking these measures, cryptocurrencies could be very safe.

Crypto Currencies Do Not Possess Any Real Value

Some individuals will agree with the opinion stating that cryptocurrencies do not have any value. They believe it to be fiction, that the digital currencies are only fake funds. This myth overlooks the aspect of what makes something have the deserved value. The source of value is in trust and demand. Individuals have confidence in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. They are ready and willing to exchange goods and services for those they want. 

Cryptocurrencies also have their obvious peculiarities, and they also serve practical purposes. They can be used to transfer funds internationally at a meager cost and speed. 

It provides adequate monetary services to individuals who need access to standard financial services. Cryptocurrencies are authentic since individuals have the confidence to invest or use one among such currencies.

You Need To Be A Tech Genius To Use Cryptocurrency

One must possess technological brilliance to handle cryptocurrencies. It is not valid. Stating and trading using a cryptocurrency might be simple. Many platforms are user-friendly. 

It helps you not to know what happened to the PCs that day, the hardware and software generating the light show. You don’t need to have a detailed explanation of the Internet to be able to use it as an everyday tool. 

There are numerous sources offering support to those at the infancy level. You can read several primers and guides on the Internet regarding buying, storing, and utilizing cryptocurrencies. Everyone is capable of using cryptocurrency regardless of their knowledge.

Cryptocurrencies Are Harmful To The Environment

Hundreds of users share the concern that they are negatively affected by cryptocurrencies. This concern comes from the energy used to undertake mining exploitation activities. The truth is that mining consumes a significant amount of electricity, especially when mining bitcoins. 

Also, when deploying lunar resources, many miners use renewable energy. The industry also focuses on developing valuable ways to decrease carbon output. While not infallible, emerging technologies such as cryptocurrencies hold an advantage. It Has become a sustainable business model.


The following article will unveil some of the myths every beginner should know when venturing into cryptocurrencies. There is sometimes healthy skepticism about things; not everything that appears to be water on the face can be the gospel truth. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are not the realm of the criminals and hackers alone. What does this mean? They remain safe or sealed against unwanted interceptions or intrusions when employed correctly. According to Stanley Bae, they are not just mere fads but beneficial products that you can use without any difficulties.

Stanley Bae
Stanley Bae of Orange County California writes about local businesses finding new ways to operate efficiently post-COVID.